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7 Oct 2012
Fundraising Feedback Wanted

Please let me know if you may be interested in contributing to this web site (i.e. site hosting fees) via buying things with designs such as the two below. Using cafepress mugs as an example, their base price is about $23 (includes shipping it). I'd be adding about $1-4 as your donation, so your price would be up to $27. I only want to establish interest levels and feedback, here. I posted this on the main page a week or so ago and have heard absolutely nothing! Pretty discouraging.. is in no way, any commitment to buy.

Something I didn't mention in the original notice is the tiny text in the designs is a thank you for supporting

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17 August 2012
Auction of Otto Frank Correspondence, etc., November 5th

Part of letter from Otto Frank on 30 June 1941 An archive of about 100 Otto Frank documents, letters, photos, and at least one personal item (a hankie) will be auctioned in New York on November fifth, at Doyle New York, as part of their Books, Photographs & Prints Auction. The entire archive is anticipated to bring $20,000 to $30,000. The most valuable and intriguing items are doubtless the handful from the war period as Otto tried to get his family out of Holland (example snippet shown here). The items will be on exhibit at the auction house prior to the auction: November 2-4 (auction on Nov 5). The link has one photo, and much more information.

Thanks to my watchful NL contact for the info.

11 Nov 2011
Exhibit about Anne's Mother at Anne Frank House Museum

The Anne Frank House has a temporary exhibit about her mother. Part of their web site is dedicated to this exhibit: Anne's Mother. I found the navigation confusing: I kept discovering I was going in circles. I feel Anne gave a better sense of the person. Anne's perspective on her mother lacked dimension and wasn't presented. We are left looking at photos and not much that came directly from Edith Frank.
    It's probably a symptom of women's lives in that era. Woman's place was to be obedient and perform unappreciated services: go to school, get married, keep house, cook, change the diapers, and clean, clean, clean. There was not a lot of chance to develop interests and opinions, which resulted in frustration and unhappiness. (Watch or read The Stepford Wives for a mockery of the 1970s version of this role for women.)
    Doesn't Edith Frank have a look like The Mona Lisa in this photo? Maybe there was a secret unarticulated opinion about the order of her world. At any rate, I've never seen this picture of Anne's mother before.
    I'm familiar with the photos of the Frank family, (which were mostly saved by Miep Gies' quick thinking the day of the raid), because they're available online (Getty Images Archive, last time I checked). There was not much new on the website about the exhibit. Perhaps there are more photos and information in the exhibit itself, which is ongoing until mid-March 2012, at the Anne Frank House Museum, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Thanks to my NL contact for telling me about this.

Happy 11-11-11!

24 Oct 2011
Book of Current Photos of Places in Anne's Life

There is a new book by a Dutch guy, Ronald Jansen, who hunted down Anne's past homes (including Bergen-Belsen concentration camp), and took photos. I do not have a copy of the book. The amazon look inside feature only shows pictures of the homes in Germany. The book is in English. I wish I could say I could connect these places with places shown in the known photos of Anne and her family, but a quick look only turned up tanalizing similarities without key matching details.
    The nearest I found (in my quick look around) is below. If this is the same place, why are there two basement windows in the old photo, and no basement windows (on that side) in the other? Even the one grated basement window (on the other side) in the current photo is at a different height from the ground than the windows in the old photo. This architectural point is unlikely to ever change. I leave the matter to other sleuths.

amazon page

29 Oct 2011
The author replied with the information that he did not find any matches of Frank family photos to the location my mind seemed to zero in on. He pointed out that the photo I show above could have been taken elsewhere in the same neighborhood, but it was not at their home address.
   Thanks for writing!

18 Oct 2011
Sigh! Site Continued for Six Months

This site's hosting has been continued for six months to 15 April 2012. It took six days' attempts and four calls to yahoo customer service (the shortest was 25 minutes) to get the term changed (a one-time no-charge switch their site was applicable, their software just wouldn't let it happen) at last. I guess you get what you pay for in hosting, as anywhere. Please donate what you can to this web site. Given the number of visitors this site gets, it should easily pay its own way via visitor donations. It would be better for my sanity if there was 9+ months' of money saved.

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