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as an adult???
[age progression by Suzanne Morine]
How Anne might have
looked as an adult.
  • Online images in general:
    • Getty Images Archive seems to have most of the photos from Anne's photo album. Most of the image links below link to their (watermarked/stamped) version of each image. Search for her as a person, then the last pages of those because they go backward in time and start with photos from plays done after she died.
    • Zoomable pages from photo albums. Click the numbers, then the images to get a zoomable version.
    • The Anne Frank Guide has several photos. Navigate around, looking for photo icons. Often if you right click an image and choose to view the image, you will get a huge version of it. Most have no watermarks.
    • Several small photos of Anne throughout her life are at The Anne Frank-Fonds site (in the sections under "Anne Frank" and "FAQ").
    • Tiny images of Anne are in the thumbnails on the book covers in the book references.

Links to Individual Photos:

Anne, 1 year old, 1930 in Frankfurt, Germany. Anne's caption of this photo was, "Papa with his two sprogs." (HLOF photo #11) AFBD (p. 10.) and DE also have this photo. zoomable online version: click #5. And here is another big one, and another. (Anne's note there says August 1931, but she looks too young for 1931. Here is a photo from 1931 offsite.)

Margot and Anne, 1933 in Aachen, Germany They were likely 7 and 4 years old. Edith and the girls stayed with her mother in Aachen while Otto made a new start in the Netherlands. (This photo is clearly part of one of the 1933 Aachen photography sessions mentioned in AFBD page 18, where I also got the above information. believes this photo came from the August 2000 issue of Anne Frank Magazine. Online, you can try the Getty Images Archive of this image)

Anne at 5 : This September 1934 photo booth photograph was made in Aachen, Germany, but the Franks had already moved to Amsterdam by then. Because Grandmother Holländer lived in Aachen until 1939 (AFBD p. 27), this was probably a photo from a visit there.
    Edith and Margot had moved to Amsterdam in December 1933, but Anne remained with her grandmother in Aachen until the Amsterdam apartment was fully furnished (AFBD, p. 22). In the diary (see entry for 15 June 1942), Anne wrote that she arrived in February 1934 and there are photos of her at Margot's birthday party in February (see
    This photo is from the front cover of Anne Frank in the World and the exhibition guide for the exhibit of the same name. (Online, Getty Images has a copy of this, with a watermark. Also, you can often find an image of the cover of the book from the exhibit on ebay.)
    There is a better view of the photo part of this booth photo in DE. AFBD page 14 has a similar photo booth photo of Edith and the girls taken in March 1933 in Frankfurt am Main.

Yearly Photos: Amsterdam
(try here and here for similar groupings offsite)

just about 6 years old, May 1935. (at Getty Images)

6 and a half, December 1935. (Getty Images has this one)

just about 7 years old, May 1936. (Getty Images has this one)

just about 8 years old, May 1937.

just about 9 years old, May 1938.

just about 11 years old, May 1940. (Getty Images has this)

just about 12 years old, May 1941. (and Getty Images has it)

Anne Skating with other children
Miep Gies described the Dutch skating tradition that she knew, in Leiden, about 20 years before: In winter, people bundled up and went to the frozen canals. "It was a festive atmosphere: stalls selling hot chocolate and hot anise milk; whole families skating together, one behind the next, their arms hooked to a long pole to swing themselves around; the horizon always flat and luminous, the winter sun reddish." (Anne Frank Remembered by Miep Gies, p. 21.)
    Later, while in hiding (18 October 1942), Anne wrote down a skating fantasy in her diary: being a figure skater with her cousin, Bernd. (CE p. 283.)

just about 13 years old, May 1942. (also large version is online).

One of the "last" photographs of Anne, date unknown. is in Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary (p. 37). Another is at this location and here is zoomable version of that.

The yearly photos appear to have been from passport photos they got annually.

I drew Anne as an adult via measurements of photos of assorted people as they grew up. I am not a professional at age progressions.

AFBD refers to Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary a Photographic Remembrance, by Ruud van der Rol and Rian Verhoeven for the Anne Frank House, Puffin Books. It has many more pictures of Anne and the family.

CE refers to The Diary of Anne Frank: the Critical Edition, prepared by the Netherlands State Institute for War Documentation, Doubleday.

DE refers to The Diary of a Young Girl: the Definitive Edition, Bantam Books.

When Were the "Last" Photos of Anne Frank Taken?


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Please Note: Because all photos of Anne Frank are held in strict copyright by both the Anne Frank-Fonds and The Anne Frank House, please do not use these images for anything other than educational use. (Surprisingly, their sites do not have many photographs!)

Why are there no photos on this page? Because The Anne Frank House claims copyrights over all photos of Anne Frank. They demanded I take down all photos. Why they went after this site appears to be a reaction to photos of the diary I used to host here. As you can see above, I found most of the photos online elsewhere. (The AFH lawyers started and continued their demands via a stern, forbidding, and repetitive method, which they themselves characterized as taking "firm action." I did verify that they are the AFH lawyers. I don't understand how anyone can claim copyrights to all photos of an non-recent historical figure.)

"The [Anne Frank House] stated it's goals as 'the restoration of 263 Prinsengracht' and 'the propagation of the ideals left as a legacy to the world in the diary of Anne Frank.'"
The Hidden Life of Otto Frank p. 262

"To Otto [Frank]'s distress, [the Anne Frank House] was not running as smoothly as he had hoped, and he had many disagreements with the board, who he felt did not have enough interest in the educational aspect of the organization. With his faith in his vision of the [AFH] shaken, he decided that upon his death the copyright on Anne's diaries and other writings would be inherited by another group, the Anne Frank-Fonds in Basel."
Hidden Life of Otto Frank p 276-7

(Reading Muller's biography of Anne Frank and The Hidden Life of Otto Frank, it appears that Otto Frank left very little to the Anne Frank House, upon his death in 1980. Specifically: items he'd forgotten that were not needed elsewhere. HLOF p. 310)

Suzanne Morine

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