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Paid through 14 Jan 2013!

Amount needed for 15 Jan 2013 - 14 Apr 2013: $ 35.85

Card Co.
(remainder from prior donations) 8.41
First Autumn-2011 Donor 10.00 -0.69 9.31
Second Autumn-2011 Donor 50.00 -2.25 47.75
Third Autumn-2011 Donor 25.00 25.00
Fourth Autumn-2011 Donor 1.00 -0.33 0.67
My Donation (Spring 2012) 16.41 16.41
First Summer 2012 Donor 20.00 -0.88 19.12
Second Summer 2012 Donor
-1.08 18.92
My 2nd Donation (Fall 2012)  33.66  
Total Donations
(between Autumn 2011 and 17 October 2012)
-5.23 $179.25
Minus Hosting through 14 Jan 2013:

Remainder for 15 Jan, on: $0.00
Minus Charge Likely for 15 Jan 2012 - 14 Apr 2013:
Needed for 15 Jan 2013 - 14 Apr 2013: $35.85

[prior note, also have fixed errors that said the donations were in 2010. They were in 2011.] Due to assorted bugs and/or misinformation from corporate entities, some of my previous numbers have been wrong. Further, because not enough donations came in to last for a yearly payment plan, and a quarterly plan turns out to be available, I am switching to that. This maximizes the use of the significant donations received (rather than hold them until a later date for restarting the site). Therefore, the target amount is greater now, by $24: the quarterly payment plan involves a higher per-month rate*.

* Note: Unfortunately, I cannot switch back to annual again without incurring a $25 fee for changing things a second time. This means the hosting costs more per year than before, from now, on (unless donations justify switching back, despite the fee).

This website is available without ads or interruption of service, because donors have paid for hosting until 15 Oct 2012. Please contribute so that this site will continue for another year. The service is $143.40/year, paid in four installments on 15 Oct/Jan/Apr/Jul. Visitors can keep this site up by contributing! This site gets hundreds of visitors a day. It should be able to pay its own way, through donations of various sizes, even small donations. (Note that PayPal deducts fees if you pay via credit card, as opposed to transferring from funds held in PayPal accounts. I can only add the money I receive.)

Unfortunately, that button doesn't always work (you'll know if it just sends you to an error page): If that doesn't work, click HERE to send money to my email ( and explain in that process that it is for the Anne Frank site.

I do not permit copies (a.k.a. mirrors) of this site to be put online, because the people in control of the copies could change them. I created this site and assert my right to retain sole control over it.

If I have to take the site down, the site will eventually resume, after I get a long-term job. Donations received will be saved for then.

Suzanne Morine

21 Oct 2012

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