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Jew in danger
  Goslar, Hannah "Hanneli" Elizabeth "Lies" (born: 12 Nov 1928)
Anne's friend (the one with a cute toddler sister, Gabi). Anne had a dire dream about her while in hiding and later furtively met her in Bergen-Belsen.
    For a time, Hanneli lived on the Merwedeplein, like Anne. Their parents were very good friends as well. They were all German Jewish immigrants. After the Franks went into hiding, Hanneli's mother died during childbirth (the baby died, too), in the fall of 1942. The Goslar family was taken away on 20 June 1943. They were in Westerbork until a train took them away on 14 February 1944. They were taken to Bergen-Belsen as Jews on a preferred list. While there, she and Anne met a few times under dire circumstances but she was nonetheless able to get Anne some food (Hanneli was in a better part of the camp). Hanneli barely survived the concentration camp. Their father and grandparents did not. Otto Frank visited her in the hospital and arranged for Gabi and her to go to Switzerland to recuperate. She moved to Israel in 1947, became a nurse, and married Dr. Walter Pinchas Pick. She and Otto maintained contact. She is still alive and regularly travels to speak in schools.
    (MOAF p. viii, 2, 44, 66-7, 105-6, 109, 125-6, 128-130; CE p. 205, 229, 291, 422-3: 5 July '42, 14 Aug '42, 2 Nov '42; 27 Nov '43; AF:B p. 53; LSMAF p. 34 (see also the rest of her interview); Online Interview with Miep Gies; an Anne Frank researcher sent her birth date and notes that Hanneli's records spelled her name "Hanna Elisa Goslar.")