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Jew in danger
  Silberberg, Helmuth "Hello" Wartime Locations: Germany, Amsterdam, Brussels
Anne's most recent beau before going into hiding. He had come to see Anne on the same day that Margot got the call up notice to report to the S.S.
    Originally from Germany. In 1938, both his parents separately escaped to Belgium (illegally) and Hello moved in with his grandparents in Amsterdam. After a couple of close shaves with raiding Nazis in 1942, he escaped to Brussels. His grandparents soon went into hiding (in an attic in Amsterdam). Hello and his parents also soon went into hiding in a house near Brussels (periodically hiding in a cave and in cloister gardens). Hello got phony identification papers (becoming "Edmond Mertens") so he had some freedoms. He is still alive, in America. (CE86 p. 198, 206-8: 24 June, 8 July '42 — Anne also mentions him several times in late June to early July 1942; AFB p. 150-1, 244-5, 298-9; 2005 photo).