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Life Chronology: Karl Silberbauer

21 June
Born in Vienna, Austria. He had an older sister, and then a younger brother. (His father was a police officer. HLOF p. 278)
(early life) Went to school and studied machine building and electrics. He then worked for one year for a bank. Then the worldwide economic crisis struck.
1931 Volunteers for the Austrian army.
1934 Meets his future wife, Barbara Stifter.
After having served in the Austrian army, he volunteers for the civil Austrian army (Sicherheitswache). At some point, becomes a 'Feldjäger.'
23 Sept
Joins the police. At some point in the next two years, he becomes an investigator there.
1939 Applies for entry into the SS, the security wing of the NSDAP, a violently fanatical branch of the Nazi Party in Holland which modeled itself on the NSDAP in Nazi Germany. (Four years later, he would gain entry.)
20 Aug
Joins the Staatspolizei (state police) in Vienna.
1943 Marries Barbara Stifter.
28 May Joins the SS and becomes SS-Oberscharführer in Vienna. (Continues to be in the Staatspolizei as well.)
10 Nov (Last day in the Staatspolizei in Vienna.)
November Transferred to Holland, becomes member of the Sicherheitsdienst (SD, the security and intelligence service of the German SS) in the Hague, where he joins the IVB4 department (Jewish matters) and moves to the Amsterdam branch in the Euterpestraat office. Works under Dettmann.
4 Aug
Is a member of the team raiding Anne Frank's hiding place (in back of Prinsengracht 263). Finding out that Anne's father, Otto, had served in the German army, he gives them all more time to pack. By then, however, the team of up to 8 men had already made a chaotic mess of the hiding place (HLOF p. 130-2, 357 note #21) 287-8).
5 + 7 Aug Miep Gies meets him twice. She is attempting to free the prisoners. He indicates to her it is pointless to try.
9 Oct Is seriously wounded in an accident with his motorbike. Is in an army hospital in Amsterdam until Feb 1945. This ends his service with the SD.
Returns to Vienna, in recovery from his accident.
8 May Imprisoned by the Russian army. After a week, he is delivered to the Austrian state police (who he used to work for, see above).
30 June Is released, presumably pending trial (see next).
13 July
Is sentenced by the Austrian court to one year in prison, for the abuse of communist prisoners in 1938.
18 Feb
Is released from prison.
1952 Having been in the SS during the war, he must undergo a lengthy investigation process.
1954 Having cleared that investigation process, he finds work as a police investigator in Vienna, a job he'd done in the early 1940s (see above).
1963 The famous Nazi-hunter, Wiesenthal, discovers Silberbauer's connection and whereabouts.
3 or 4 Oct Due to the new investigation, Silberbauer is temporarily suspended from his position. (HLOF p. 278 says this was on the 4th.)
1964 Having been found in the investigation to have 'only followed orders,' Silberbauer is not arrested as a war criminal. He finds work in the police identification bureau.
1971 or 1972 Dies. No children. (Another source, Anne Frank, the Biography, by Melissa Müller, p. 298, says he died the year before.)

All information above came from an Anne Frank researcher (sources). Most of the translations of the organizations came from the back of The Hidden Life of Otto Frank.