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Jew in danger
  Ledermann, Susanne "Sanne" (7 Oct 1928 - 19 Nov 1943)
Anne's friend who lived around the corner early on. She helped Anne write a clever verse to turn in: it was Anne's punishment paper for chattering in class. When the anti-Jewish laws had them all changing schools, she ended up in a different Jewish school than Anne but they remained friends. She was the president of their Little Bear Minus Two Club.
    She was deported to Westerbork with her parents on 20 June 1943. (Hanneli and her family were taken during the same day's raids.) The three were sent on a train to Auschwitz on 16 Nov, and gassed upon their arrival on the 19th. Her older sister survived via a false identity. (CE86 p. 185, 197: 20 and 21 June '42; MOAF p. 127; AFB p. 52, 131, 182-3, 292 [see this book for much more])