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[where Ahlers and Kuiper once lived] Overview:
During WWII, there were quite a few Nazis in this building and neighborhood (see Hidden Life of Otto Frank, especially p. 106-8).
    The door on the right leads to the first floor above street level: 22-1 Jan van Eijckstraat. Tonny Ahlers lived there for several months, moved, and then Maarten Kuiper moved into the apartment. Ahlers was possibly a betrayer of those hiding in the secret annexe and Kuiper was present at that raid. Ahlers idolized Kuiper.

November 1943:
The apartment's owners had been deported because they are Jewish. Ahlers moves in, with wife and infant son. Ahlers furnishes and decorates the apartment with things stolen by the occupying Germans (stolen from deported Jews in general).

27 January 1944:
One known visit by Kuiper (prior to his moving in). Kuiper visits a Nazi spy to whom Ahlers is renting a room.

approximately May 1944:
Ahlers moves out. see "Who Betrayed Anne Frank?"

3 August 1944:
Kuiper moves into the apartment.

(Photo taken in autumn 2003.)

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