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Amsterdam Virtual Tour: Anne-Frank-related places
Start Exploring. If you get lost while exploring, try to head for one of the hubs of the Franks' lives (their apartment building and the business), or come back here.
Merwedeplein (neighborhood)
    wide view
    opposite view (with ghost)
    stairs (with ghosts)
    inside apartment (with ghosts)
    view toward bookshop

Former Eatery Locations

WWII Nazi Locations
    The Euterpestraat
    Adama van Scheltemaplein
    Amstelveenseweg Prison

Downtown (business)
    400 Singel (with ghost)
    263 Prinsengracht (Anne Frank House)
    19 Jan van Eijckstraat (a Jewish Council office)
    22 Jan van Eijckstraat (former Nazi home)

neighborhood book shop
Margot's first school (with ghost)
25 Hunzestraat (the Gies' home)
Childrens' Monument
Amstelrust (second, with ghost)

Period Photos
    the neighborhood skyscraper
    the van Maarsen's building gardens
    the Kleimans' street
    the van Pels' street

The arrow directions often do not reflect physical direction but roughly to the timeline. An exception is when the text implies something about location (such as "gaze left").

Extra-special thanks to the anonymous photographer for the very nice pictures!

Photos of the Franks that I refer to can be found at Getty Images Archive. I cannot present them here due to strict copyrights. But I do link to them: that is what "the web" means.

There are more photos at the Dutch site, Anne in de Buurt>.