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[one of the local tea and ice cream shops where Anne Frank and her friends used to hang out]

This location (1 Geleenstraat) was where a Jewish-owned tea and ice cream shop was. Anne Frank and her friends used to hang out here. It was called Oasis. The place is still named Oase (which means Oasis), but the owners are different people, which is hardly a surprise.
    "Oasis is usually full and among our large circle of friends we always manage to find some kindhearted gentleman or boyfriend, who presents us with more ice cream than we could devour in a week," Anne wrote on 20 June 1942. Indeed, she mentioned specific meetings later in her diary (see the Oasis entry on the people page). She also mentioned that you could get an ice cream for 12 cents.

Given the laws at the time regarding milk store hours and the extended hours that ice cream shops were permitted to have, many milk stores had an ice cream shop to expand their business. But the shops had to have separate entrances and counters. The arrangement of the outside doors here is typical for such a combination business: a small store for ice cream immediately next door to a large store for milk. Therefore it is likely that, in Anne's time, the door on the right was for the milk store (back then, people did not have refrigerators at home — the closest they had were ice boxes — so milk stores were prevalent), and the glass door on the far left was the ice cream shop entrance, open until later hours than the milk store and open on weekends.

See this Dutch page for a period photo.

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