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(Period photo.)
[Zuider Amstellaan, now Rooseveltlaan]

Some of Anne Frank's friends lived on the Zuider Amstellaan for some periods of time. Before 1941 (when Anne and other Jewish children had to change schools), Anne and her friends walked down this street to and from school. Hannelli Goslar and Iet Swillens lived on this street (at #16-2 and #184), as did the van Pels family (#34-2), and Peter Schiff. Hannelli was a long time friend, Schiff was older than Anne and she longed for him, and of course the van Pels family would later share the hiding place with her and her family.
    Also on this street, at #62, was Blankevoort's Subscription Library, a book shop Anne mentioned a few times regarding her birthday gifts (for example 21 June 1942). This street is now called the Rooseveltlaan.

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