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Some Potential Stolpersteine Locations in Amsterdam

An artist, Gunter Demnig, has been installing "tripping stones" (German language site) all over Europe, in the sidewalks outside the former homes of Holocaust victims. There was an English language news story of some German students who had tripping stones installed for the 14 victims who used to live where their school now is. The students investigated all they could about these people, including extensive interviews with elderly people. (All tripping stones have a plaque with information about the person they recall.)
    I do not know if any have been installed in Amsterdam. This list/instructions is in case people in Amsterdam want to sponsor some stolpersteine. Below is the list I came up with (in mid-February 2004).
    How I did it: First, look down the people page, looking for underlined death dates (on the same line as each person's name). These people died in Hitler's concentration camps. When you find one, see if a war time address is listed. This may be on the same line as the name or in the very next line. If there is a list of addresses, pick the last address listed. If there is no address but the person is a wife or child, find their husband or father to see if his name lists an address. (If so, double check the text to see that they were all together: I think all the applicable people were.) Now you have a potential Stolpersteine location with information about the person. You can research more yourself, of course.

Cohen, Louis Samuel and
Cohen, Saartje Froukje Stoppelman:
Hunzestraat 25 (where they lived on German orders to relocate)
or Deurloostraat 49 parterre (where they lived before and probably considered their real home).

Frank, Anneliese "Anne" Marie,
Frank, Edith Holländer, and
Frank, Margot Betti:
Merwedeplein 37-II (they were in hiding for two years in the secret annexe, but surely considered this their real home).

Goslar, Hans:
Zuider Amstellaan 16-2.

Ledermann, Franz Anton,
Ledermann, Ilse Louise Citroën, and
Ledermann, Susanne "Sanne":
Noorder Amstellaan 37-3.

van Pels, Auguste "Gusti" Röttgen,
van Pels, Hermann, and
van Pels, Peter:
Biesbosstraat 59.

Wagner, Ilse,
and her family:
Grevelingenstraat 11-II