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More Details about Mrs. Stoppelman's Life

3 December 1936 -
  15 February 1937
Rijnstraat 238-1 is downstairs neighbor to Jan Gies (he rented a room in Rijnstraat 238-3).
15 February 1937 -
  26 January 1938
Noorder Amstellaan 4 living with daughter while son-in-law is away
26 January 1938 -
  September 1942
Hunzestraat 25 Her sister also lived with them (was not mentioned in AFR). After her husband went to England, in mid-1940, Mrs. Stoppelman rented downstairs rooms to the Gies. (They remained while she went into hiding.)
September 1942 -
(in a house in Hilversum) In hiding at the home of Karel's mother.
mid-1945 - ? Hunzestraat 25 She returned from being in hiding. Miep and Jan and Gies soon left (with Otto) due to new frictions.

See AFR p. 62-3, 118, 124, 233, 236. As usual, there are more details there. (She is called "Mrs. Samson" in that book.) The addresses and specific dates (and that her sister lived with her at Hunzestraat 25) come from an Anne Frank researcher.